History of Technology – General Problems, (7.5) ECTS

Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden

Course Code: FTEK090

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2018-01-20 – 2018-05-20


The PhD course History of Technology – General Problems, will be given during the spring semester 2018 at the Division of Science, Technology and Society (STS), TME, Chalmers. The course consists of ten seminars. Each of the first nine seminars considers a general problem in the history of technology. Tentatively, the following key problems will be covered:

  1. The question of technology,
  2. Explanation of technological change,
  3. The act of invention,
  4. The transfer of technology,
  5. Technological determinism,
  6. Technological systems,
  7. Users of technology and technology in use,
  8. Gendered technologies,
  9. Unintended consequences.

Teacher and examiner

Per Lundin, Associate Professor in History of Technology,
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