Re-Framing Digitalization, 5 ECTS

Mälardalen University, Sweden

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The course aims at offering the Ph.D. candidate contemporary perspectives on digitalization with an emphasis on how digital technology transforms organizations, work and businesses, as
well as the society. The course offers theoretical approaches that can be mobilized to produce knowledge on these changes. On the one hand, advances in technologies with great malleability
and flexibility have altered not only the environments of organizations but also their business models and how they organize in digital ecosystems. Consequently, this digital transformation
has reinvented business and social interactions between businesses and between businesses and consumers. On the other hand, digital technologies and organizational practices are nowadays
so inextricably entangled (the analogue exists only as a romanticized version of itself) that we risk losing sight of how the use of digital technologies may fundamentally change how we
conceive of work and management as well as the society – sometimes without us even noticing it.


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