Project management for doctoral students, (4,5) ECTS

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Course Code: FOR025F

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Course period: LP 1 2019 and 2020.


Intended learning outcomes: The course should provide the students with knowledge and skills within project management, supporting them with capabilities to perform their own doctoral projects in an efficient and effective way (i.e., to sustain a project with high research quality and finish on time). An additional aim is to prepare the students to plan and manage research projects after they have accomplished their doctoral exam.


Course content: The course comprises project management theory, and about doctoral studies in relation to project management.  A specific focus is on project planning, and how doctoral studies can be planned as a project. The aim with the home assignments is to make the students prepared before the seminars, and to secure that each student has acquired the learning outcomes.


Course methods: The course consists of four mandatory seminars (on campus or on distance), where the first focus on project management theory, the second on risks and opportunities in doctoral studies, and the remaining two on developing a project plan for the PhD-students’ doctoral studies. The home assignments mainly comprise 1) Main concepts within project management, and reflections on doctoral studies from a project perspective, 2) Risks and opportunities in a doctoral project, 3) A preliminary project plan, and 4) A first version of the project plan to be used in the student’s doctoral project.


Education cycle: The course is given in two ways: 1) At campus Luleå involving four compulsory seminars and four home assignments, or 2) as a distance course involving four compulsory seminars with other students (via Skype or similar) and four home assignments.


Course syllabus is decided by: Sara Thorgren e-mail:


Examiner: Fredrik Backlund e-mail:


Send application to: Include personal number, LTU department and all contact information in the message. Application is due on Aug 26th each year.


Contact person: Associate Professor Fredrik Backlund (Industrial management and engineering), e-mail:

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