About us

Mats Engwall, Chairman of the board

Professor, KTH, Sweden


Christine Ipsen, Deputy

Professor, DTU, Denmark


Gudmundur Valur Oddsson

Professor, University of Iceland


Tuomas Ahola

Professor, Tampere University, Finland


Eskil Sønju Le Bruyn, External communications

Professor, USN, Norway


Arild Aspelund

Professor, NTNU, Norway


Mathias Henningsson

Associate professor, LiU, Sweden


Lovisa Annerwall, PhD representative

PhD candidate, MDU, Sweden

Scandinavian Academy of Industrial
Engineering and Management

Gathering Management Scholars of Engineering Faculties in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is one of the most successful fields in contemporary engineering education. It attracts good students, produces highly attractive engineers, and has important influence on company management, both as a result of IEM research and former students’ positions. IEM has expanded significantly during the last decades. There is a strong demand in society for management knowledge at the interface of technology and engineering. By addressing managerial issues, like effectiveness, innovation, and sustainability, in engineering contexts, industrial engineering and management ought to be at the forefront enabling global competitiveness.

Vertol helicopter

The first founding board had its constituting meeting in a Vertol helicopter at the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping, November 2012.

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