Organisational Change Management for Sustainability, (7.5) ECTS

University of Gävle, Sweden

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Date: 24-28 September 2018


Objectives and Target group

The objectives of this course are to teach students about company systems, organisational change, attitudes, resistance to change, and how to overcome it. The course will make the students acquainted with theoretical concepts and frameworks relevant for these subjects and it will train the students’ academic skills necessary for recognizing, analysing, and managing organizational problems that emerge in practice from a theoretical perspective


After completion of the course, the student:

  • Is able to understand organisations, their elements, their attitudes, and how they in uence and contribute to sustainability;
  • Has advanced knowledge and understanding of organisational change management;
  • Can recognise drivers, barriers to change, and strategies to overcome the barriers in a sustainability context within the organisation; and
  • Critically reflect on and analyse organisations, in order to be able plan change management for sustainability.


The course is aimed at a broad range of PhD students, and the main requirement is that their subject area can be clearly related to organisational sustainability. This opens opportunities for doctoral projects within many areas in organizational change management.


For all correspondence, questions and submission of your application, please use the following email: (course manager) or (secretary)

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