ScAIEM PhD course 2024 – Implementing new technologies in the workplace

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

42 DTU Management Engineering

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This online-only PhD course invites students from IEM and related fields to exchange knowledge and learn from each other and Scandinavian faculty in relation to management, hybrid-work, digital technologies, change management, organizational behavior etc.

During the 3-day ScAIEM PhD Summer School introduces core theories and models for hybrid-work, from understanding the drivers for hybrid-work, the effect on people, work design and performance, how to create proximity and virtual collaboration using new technologies and emerging challenges. Throughout the course, participants will try different technologies that enable hybrid work (e.g., Virtual Reality), work with their own research and apply theories and models to analyze and make recommendations with the concern for how manage and organize responsibly both people and performance. In particular, the following topics are discussed:

  • Hybrid-work – advantages and disadvantages
  • Virtual collaboration and use of new technologies
  • Technological domain – ICT and built environment for hybrid work
  • Ethical issues of using new technologies at the workplace
  • Organization and leadership
  • Well-being, Macro-ergonomics and Organizational Design
  • Academic writing


Please reach out to associate Professor Kathrin Kirchner, DTU ( or Associate Professor Christine Ipsen, DTU (

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