Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (3,0) ECTS

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Course Code: FTEK080

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Course outline
The course is taken in conjunction with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship research seminar. There are three conditions for successful completion:


  1. A two-page preparation paper that discusses and develops questions based on the reading material presented before the seminar.  This must be submitted before the start of the seminar to and
  2. Active participation on the prepared seminars.
  3. Once 10 seminars are successfully prepared and you have completed skillful active participation and debate with presenting researchers, you will need to write a 5 page reflective summary of what you have learnt jointly from all the seminars. Themes of such a summary should be around positioning of papers, theory testing and theory development, method and academic discourse.

A two-page preparation paper should be brought to each seminar and later approved by either Martin Wallin or Tomas Karlsson. Students are required to bring a printed copy of the preparation paper to the seminar, to be signed by one of the examiners.
Active participation in the seminars approved by either Martin Wallin or Tomas Karlsson.
Approved final reflection by either Martin Wallin or Tomas Karlsson.
To pass the course the participants are required to actively participate in the seminars and contribute in the discussions. Notify the examiners before if you are unable to attend a session. In preparation of each session, students are required to have read the articles and prepared reflections and comments to the material.
Students are required to keep signed copies of papers and other relevant material and submit the package to the examiners at the end of the course.

Course leaders
Martin Wallin, Prof., Div of Innovation Engineering and Management. e-mail:
Tomas Karlsson, Associate Prof., Div of MORE (Management of Organizational Reewal)

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