Systems and management II (4) ECTS

Linköping University, Sweden

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The course is a continuation of the Systems and Management I. The course is centered on an individual assignment in which the PhD candidate analyse his/her research in relation to the theories and schools addressed in Systems and Management I, such as systems theory, theory of science and inter- and transdisciplinary science. The joint course elements consist of a series of seminars: start-up seminar, half-time and final seminar, and some additional seminars to support the progress. The participants serve as discussants on other participants’ reports in connection with both half-time and final seminars. Seniors from both divisions review the final reports.


After successful completion of the course the PhD candidate shall be able to:
• Motivate and situate her/his research in relation to theory of science, and different approaches, theories and methodologies related to energy and environmental systems and management studies and inter- and transdisciplinary science.
• Critically reflect on fellow PhD students’ assignments and contribute with constructive development suggestions.


The aim of this course is that the PhD candidate will further develop her/his ability to use and reflect on the theories and approaches introduced in Systems and Management I, and to situate her/his own research projects in relation to these.


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