Systems and management I, (4) ECTS

Linköping University, Sweden

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The course addresses in particular system approaches and approaches related to energy systems and environmental management and engineering. The course will include a broad introduction to systems approaches with examples of many different types of analysis and application areas as well as system-based theoretical schools, but focus in particular on how system approaches have been used in connection with analyses of resources, energy and environment. Management will be primarily addressed in relation to resource, environmental and energy issues. With a starting point in technology science (teknikvetenskapliga perspektivet), the course will include both technical and social science perspectives in relation to systems and management. This will include also introduction of various methods of data collection and analysis as well as challenges in relation to combining methods. A variety of scientific approaches related to the broad field of environmental and energy studies, which can be based in varied theoretical schools with their diverse ontologies and epistemologies will be introduced. Methods and challenges related to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science will also be addressed.


The aim of this course is to develop a common base of reference for the PhD students in Sustainable Systems and support them to develop advanced knowledge and understanding of systems approaches in studies of energy systems and environmental management and engineering.


After successful completion of the course the PhD student shall be able to:
• Present, compare, use and reflect upon different system approaches, theories and tools in general and related to energy systems and environmental management and engineering in various contexts
• Discuss, compare and reflect upon different scientific methodologies and approaches, including different theoretical schools, and different methods for data collection and analysis
• Describe, compare and reflect upon the concepts multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary
• Discuss the individual student’s research assignment in relation to theory of science, systems theory and inter- and disciplinary science


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