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Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


The Arctic workshop at NTNU the 27. November is a part of the ScAIEM conference 2017. This year the workshop yields 3 ECTS for the participants.


Please consult the infofolder for the conference for more info.


“The Arctic Workshop of the ScAIEM sets up a critical but supporting environment that facilitates interactions among IEM PhD students from all over the Scandinavia. More than anything else, the workshop promotes receiving and giving feedback in a constructive way and positions it as core academic skill. Personally, such peer learning exercises and informal networking added a great deal to my overall PhD journey.”    – Former participant (KTH)


“I attended the 3rd SCAIEM conference at DTU Denmark in Nov 2015. The conference not only helped me get very useful feedback and gain contemporary knowledge in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management, but also allowed me to network with scholars and practitioners from many Scandinavian universities and companies. I would highly recommend this conference to all IEM PhDs – this conference provides a perfect opportunity to learn technical content along with fun social events!”

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