Orientation course in research method, (4) ECTS

Linköping University, Sweden

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This course is provided by the institution for all doctoral students in IEI and is the first part of the common course package.

Purpose of the course

The course is (intended) for all new doctoral students at IEI in all the research fields within the institute and even aims to provide an overview of the breadth/extent of the research that exists within the institution.
The course has been structured to introduce the aptitudes and skills required for research education, in accordance with the aims of the Higher Education Ordinance, through:
demonstrating familiarity with scientific methodology in general (2a),
demonstrating the ability to critically, independently, creatively and with scientific precision identify and formulate research questions (4),
as well as the ability to evaluate and choose a suitable approach by showing a greater insight into the possibilities and limitations of science, its role in society and the responsibility of individuals for how it is used (11).


The aim is that after completing the course the student shall:
– have developed the ability to make well-grounded choices in his/her own research (problem formulation, methods, theories and limitations),
– be able to reflect about different types of research design and their relevance in different fields,
– be able to reason about the role of research in society, research financing and position his/her own research in a greater perspective


This is an orientation course in research methodology and is a basic course for all research students. The course includes a general introduction to research studies (previously an introduction day). The lectures, seminars and practical exercises that make up the course are based on four different themes:
– What can constitute scientific knowledge?
– How can research problems be formulated and addressed and the research process designed?
– What is scientific publishing?
– How can a researchable problem be dealt with in my subject?(dissertation analysis and presentation of a short paper about your dissertation)

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