Collaboration as a researcher (3) ECTS

Reflection and practice on usefulness and relevance

Linköping University, Sweden

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The course is based on interaction, where experience sharing and individual reflection provide opportunities for increased synergy. Therefore, it is mandatory to attend, actively contribute and share experiences and skills in teaching. Failure to complete a course will give you the opportunity to retake the entire course at the next course.There is also an opportunity to make a degree in any field (which the PhD student decides with his supervisor and the examiner of the course), thus obtaining an additional 1-3 credits


Course objectives
After the course, the student will:

  • Reflect and analytically and use concepts such as collaboration, availability and utilization.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the forms and conditions of Swedish research society for cooperation in the form of making available and utilizing research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills regarding utilization and collaboration related to their own research area (e.g. research design, method selection, etc.)

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