After method in organization studies

Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden

September 27-29, 2017

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The purpose with the conference is to provide an opportunity for social science researchers to meet and discuss methodological questions within social sciences in general, and in organization- and management studies in particular, from the perspective that the world we want to understand emerges and changes. This challenges the assumptions, recommendations and applications of established methodologies. The overarching question of the conference is: How can, shall or should we study organizations and the organizing of work if that we study is in constant change?


The After method-conference was initiated in 2015, inspired by John Law’s proposition that the messiness, slipperiness and indistinctiveness of the world (Law, 2004) entails a need to rethink ideas of clarity and rigor when it comes to performing social science research. As one of the 2017 conference speakers, John Law continues to inspire our reflections on these important issues, not least their political aspects.


Whereas the previous workshops have been 1-day events, we will this time, encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants in the previous workshops, arrange a 2-day conference. Here, invited Inspirators will challenge us to think differently regarding social science methodology.

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