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We invite you as member of SCAIEM to contribute to an upcoming special issue on action research where Erik Lindhult (IDT, MDH) and I (Magnus Hoppe, EST, MDH) will be guest editors. What we primarily are looking for are articles that can provide a picture of how (P)AR has evolved up to now and current examples of AR in different contexts.


The journal is The Technology Innovation Management Review ( ) where Chris McPhee at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, is editor in chief. The articles are published open access at no cost to authors. It may also be interesting to know that the magazine is about to establish a closer cooperation with ISPIM ( ), which will increase both the impact and opportunities for receiving interesting contributions. The journal’s focus is primarily on innovation, but it should be interpreted widely and practically in many areas.


The call:


Timeline: Scheduled for publication in April 2019

  • October 1: Interested authors submit 1-paragraph outlines or abstracts
  • December 1: Full articles due – see author guidelines:
  • January 15: Reviewer feedback sent to authors
  • March 1: Revised articles due
  • April 1: Articles edited and ready to publish

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